Meet Clegg

First Things First – Call Him Clegg.

Clegg knows the secret to driving performance at any organization – people.

For more than 20 years, he has dedicated his professional and personal life to supporting others on their road to success through his “Leaders Go First” approach. This ranges from coaching C-suite executives as they build a culture focused on retention, career development, and fun; to helping high school QBs perfect throwing spirals.

Creating a connection with people and fostering a culture of psychological safety is the secret behind it all. He’s ready to share that secret with you and your team through his system, Leadership².

Clegg’s experience ranges across continents and industries, including technology, finance, engineering, automotive, and consulting. While working in Corporate America, he was honored as Leader of the Year for multiple years. He is certified to administer and lead key workplace assessments including The Six Types of Working Genius and PDP Global. Currently, he serves as the CEO and Managing Partner of Q Works Group based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Through keynote speaking, team workshops, and small group instruction, Clegg is ready to inspire and support leaders as they take their organizations to the next level.

Outside of leadership training, Clegg and his family are actively involved in the community and local sports. You can often find him on the football field – Clegg is proud to served athletes and families as a middle school and high school football coach.

Clegg’s Favorite Leadership Lessons


After decades of experience in this work, we have developed a simple framework to objectively measure your culture that sets a standard of behaviors that drives performance, innovation and retains your talent.

This roadmap will enable your leaders to drive connections to create a Psychologically Safe environment. This process only requires four steps.

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety refers to a workplace where individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves, taking risks, and sharing their thoughts and ideas. It fosters an atmosphere where people can be open, creative, and collaborative.

Culture and Connection

There are two parts of business that will make the real difference: culture and connection. They’re the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for behaviors.

Leaders go first

Everything starts with leaders. Leaders must give trust – not say or think trust is earned.